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So I've been slowly loosing it. And I don't mean it the usual sense when someone says that. I mean it's effecting things. Two days ago I left my wallet at CVS and today I left my mom's debit card at Party City. And just now I meant to call my current friend Amber and instead I called an Amber I was avoiding. I'm loosing my faculties. My logic is slipping away. My patience is hanging by a thread and I fall apart at the smallest inconsistency. My emotions are splitting into either completely a mess and apparently fine. I'd say my medication is no longer doing its job. That, or the stress I'm under is just--that I'm incapable of handling it. Everyone has a limit. And maybe I've reached that. I don't seem to know them anymore. So I know no one really reads this thing anymore but it's good to have a public record out there if something happens to me. Not that the first place people would go would be here...heh but whatever.