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So, show of hands: who wants to hear me brood?

Men. Stupid. Ass. Men. Certain things aren't special to them and are to women. And I'm not talking about minor stuff. I'm talking about special stuff. Stuff that means something. You know that phrase "Men give love for sex and women give sex for love?" Totally true. And it totally sucks. You guys will probably climb down my throat for saying this next thing but whatever. It's just another reason why I should be with women. It's not as special as men say it is. Even they only sleep with their wife and  no one else ever. It's just different for guys and that pisses me off. As far as I'm concerned women are better than men. Yes that's sexist but so be it. Maybe I'm a feminist but I don't really give a shit. And then there's that God created us equal and blah blah blah but in society we're not equal. Jesus is male. Ha I bet even the friken dove that the Holy Spirit became was male. And Mary sits at the right hand of the father. Yes yes she does sit at the right hand but she's not him. She just gets special privledges. I hate men. The should just leave me alone.


Sep. 4th, 2009 01:23 am (UTC)
No srsly tho, who's looking to get his ass beat?

It tends to sound like someone is angling for a strangling.

Or cruising for a bruising.

Or galloping for a whalloping.

That last one didn't really rhyme.

Breana if you don't laugh I'll have to shoot myself. I just threw all my cred out the window.